Let Erin Remember

A song written by Thomas Moore (1779 to 1852). Moore studied music at Trinity College Dubln, where he discovered that Ireland was a "Land of Song." He put new words on old tunes (found mostly in Bunting's collection of Irish folk tunes) and these were very popular and known as "Moore's Melodies."

He was sympathetic towards contemporaries who took part in the rebellion of 1798 and was a friend of Robert Emmet who led and died in the Rising of 1803.

Let Erin remember the days of old
Ere her faithless sons betrayed her
When Malachy wore the collar of gold
That he won from the proud invader
When her kings with standards of green unfurled
Led the Red Branch Knights to danger
Ere the emerald gem of the Western World
Was set in the crown of a stranger

On Lough Neagh's banks as the fisherman strays
In the clear cold eve declining
He sees the round towers of other days
In the waters 'neath him shining
Thus shall memory often in dreams sublime
Catch a glimpse of the days that are over
Thus sighing, look through the waves of time
For the long-faded glories they cover

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